Impact of innovation

As a scientist, it is a challenge to express the impact of fundamental research in economic terms. For funding agencies, companies and investors, evidence on the return on investment is key.


How do I make the value of my research and innovations transparent to companies and the government?

Funding agencies and customers

How can I justify my investment in innovation to my manager, the government, the taxpayer and the media?

Convince to invest in innovation

Convince to invest in innovation by providing insight into the economic effects! To quantify the (economic) impact of research Mattch uses the BETA method, which has been specially designed for this purpose. Where conventional analyses are limited to a qualitative description of the scientific results and a summary of numbers of publications, new startups and patents, this method generates real and substantiated economic returns. Even if patents are missing, the numbers are accurate. With this you finally have evidence to justify investments in your research or innovation.

The numbers you need are specific, reliable and relevant. Like CERN and ESA, you can use the BETA method to obtain these numbers.

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