Open Innovation 2.0
The world leading concept behind our services

The mATTch one market is empowered with Open Innovation 2.0! Open Innovations is about sharing innovations with companies located nearby using patents and start-up companies. Open Innovation 2.0 is about collaborating in innovative activities, with both companies and academic institutions, from all over the world. It enables you to exchange knowledge using any channel possible, including patents and start-up companies.

Knowledge is the prime resource for the innovation economy. As such, companies and organisations are interested in commercialising (academic) knowledge. They use ever more diverse channels to exchange this knowledge. The traditional prime channels of patents (in the USA) and large research collaborations (in Europe) are being complemented with new alternative channels.

mATTch enables networks for research and innovation to tread upon these new channels. Moreover, mATTch removes the regional boundaries and enables enterprises to access the world pool of knowledge from their desktop through one online marketplace. By thus making more knowledge accessible, mATTch enable networks for research and innovation to accelerate their performance.

Ultimately, this combination allows customers of mATTch to take their performance beyond the limits of contemporary Open Innovation. This empowered concept is called “Open Innovation 2.0”.

mATTch has been developing and implementing “Open Innovation 2.0″ since 2006. If you appreciate our support to implement Open Innovation 2.0, or just would like some more information then please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your questions!