Innovation Accelerator for networks

Mattch offers solutions to connect company challenges, knowledge solutions and funding on a large scale.

Vision: Accelerate innovation by intensifying collaboration

Scientists, companies and governments work together on research, education and innovation. They participate in a network or an innovation ecosystem. Since 2005, Mattch supports the effectiveness of innovation networks with advanced and specialised solutions that can strengthen collaboration. When collaboration in an innovation network intensifies, results will be realised faster and innovation accelerates.

Mission: Services for maximum results from innovation networks

For academics, companies and governments working together on research, education, and innovation, Mattch is a service provider that helps achieve and strengthen intended outcomes. Unlike traditional service providers, a solution is provided that consists of a coherent approach in which all the elements needed to innovate are interwoven for maximum results.

What can Mattch offer you?

The Mattch Innovation Accelerator for Networks

Collaborating on education, research and innovation

Intensify collaboration to accelerate innovation

Solutions for collaborations, networks and innovation ecosystems

When your collaborate on innovation, Mattch can support your through the following services

Impact of innovation

Impact of innovation

Convince your customers and governments to invest in your research with insights in the economic impact.



Xtreme Quality Conference Websites

Xtreme Quality Conference Websites

A business card for your country and discipline. Convince sponsors. Reduce administration.