Advanced training for knowledge transfer and innovation management

Connecting innovative regions internationally

European policy, including the European Higher Education Policy 2020 aims for universities to become centres that distribute their knowledge and expertise to companies nearby. This contrasts with the international focus of the research taking place at universities. As such, in 2010 we set up a consortium of UPM, TUM, Polito, ParisTech, and Oxford to run pilot projects put our beliefs to the test.

In 2012 we completed the two pilot projects. The valorisation pilot project aimed at enhancing the commercialisation of university knowledge, valorisation. The entrepreneurship pilot project aimed to motivate academic start-up companies to deploy international activities. The valorisation pilot led by me was evaluated to enhance commercialisation activities, innovative performance, and international standing of the participating universities. The entrepreneurship did yield results, but we believe additional measures should be taken to enhance the outcomes.

This training goes in-depth on both the conceptual design and the lessons learned from these pilots.

Leading innovative start-up companies through the innovation adoption gap

The innovation adoption gap is something that every academic, every start-up company, and every large company runs into. After an initial about 10% of your customers has bought your latest innovative product, the adoption of your innovative product comes to a stop.

However, a few great inspiring innovation leaders appear to just ignore this gap. This training, which is inspired by Simon Sinek, challenges you to lead a company through the innovation adoption gap.