Alfred Nobel inspires our total solution for your innovation challenges. Famous for the Nobel Prize, it is easily accepted that Alfred Nobel was sincerely impressed with science. Upon his death, he transferred his fortune into a fund under supervision of the Nobel Foundation that was to endow “prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind”. The formula Nobel used to make his fortune in the first place, however, is less well known.

Alfred Nobel, sketch by unknown author.

Alfred Nobel, sketch by unknown author. Source: wikipedia

The Nobel formula to gathering a fortune was to offer a total solution. During his life Nobel issued 350 patents internationally and by his death had established 90 armaments factories. He could offer some of the more advanced weapons of his time, including sea mines, dynamite (i.e. stabilised nitroglycerin), rockets and smokeless gunpowder. The latter allowed soldiers to still see their enemies after firing a first round of shots. One could say that Nobel offered total solutions in armaments. Notwithstanding Nobel’s choice for a sector to make his profit, we believe his total solution approach also benefits innovative performance. As such, we offer one marketplace, following the Nobel formula for a total solution to your innovation challenges.

Our total solution in innovation goes beyond contemporary Open Innovation, that focusses on patents and start-up companies only.